About Eduminds – Insight Career Counselling

Rajashreevikram's Qualification :- MA from Mumbai University, Diploma in Education,Robert Carkhuff theory of counselling,knowledge about REBT, Certified Gobal Career Counsellor from UCLA & GREEN BELT Certification from Univariety SINGAPORE.

Being in the field of education, Rajashreevikram has seen many instances of despair and confusion amongst the students which prompted her to take up the task of career counselling and set up Insight Career Counselling. The organisation will help the students understand their strengths and identify their talents and interests from the various subjects they study. They also provide them the confidence to change their domain if required by mentoring them and extending full support. Parents are also asked to attend the counselling sessions to make them aware as well of the world of opportunities lying ahead of their children and to support the decision taken by their children.

As insight is Rajashreevikram’s dream project along with her partner, She wants to ensure that they tailor their services according to the individual and make sure that their educational & professional needs are met. Their sole purpose is to try to bring insight among the young minds & build a bright secure future for them.

The website www.insightcareercounselling.com helps them with the following benefits:

1. Psychometric assessment test to help students,understand their strengths & weaknesses, so that they can identify their suitable career ahead
2. Conducting Workshop for Students/Teachers
3. Counselling + stream assessment tests
4. Detailed Profile Evaluation
5. Robust Counselling sessions
6. All Entrance exam counselling for Indian education sector under one umbrella
7. Overseas Education Counselling